NOVEMBER 1, 2018
Cocktails with the Masters: Art for Art’s Sake

James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) radically changed the history of modern art, yet is less well-known than his Impressionist colleagues. Lisa Michaux wants to change that fact and in an engaging presentation, she will reveal the fabulous life and artistic legacy of the witty and troublemaking Whistler. From his role in the most sensational art trial for the century to his infamous relationships, this entertaining talk will introduce you to the inventive and entrepreneurial Whistler–an artist only a mother could love šŸ˜‰

6:30 Art Exhibition and Cocktails in the Terrace ā€¢ 7:00 Presentation in the Summit Room. Open to all, but reservations are required for dining. Please call theĀ University Club at 651-222-1751.


OCTOBER 19, 2017
Cocktails with the Masters: Art History for Everyone

Join us Thursday, October 19th at the University Club

The Mona Lisa. Painted by an Italian genius, purchased by a French king, stolen by an Italian handyman,
and now viewed by nearly 9 million visitors a year at the Louve. Discover if it was her mysterious smile or
the international publicity of the theft that has enabled this portrait of a young wife from Florence to captivate
viewers for more than 500 years In an animated and entertaining presentation, Lisa Dickinson Michaux will
reveal the fascinating history of the most famous painting in the world.

Cocktails with Monet: Thursday, October 19th ā€¢ 6:30 p.m.
University Club of Saint Paul, 420 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MNĀ  55102


MARCH 2, 2017
Cocktails with Picasso: Mistresses and Muses

With two wives, multiple mistresses and countless lovers, passionate affairs and stormy separations punctuated Pablo Picasso’s life.Ā He transformed 20th-century art and found inspiration everywhere, but especially in the women that made up his world. In this presentation, Dr. Lisa Dickinson Michaux will explore Picasso’s relationships and examine the artwork that was created in the wake of all that love!

Cocktails with Monet: Thursday, March 2
University Club of Saint Paul, 420 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MNĀ  55102

JANUARY 19, 2017
Cocktails with Van Gogh: In His Own Words

Join us for a lively presentation that explores Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings through the lens of his letters, especially those to his beloved brother Theo. We will focus on the time Vincent spent in Arles and the south of France and try to figure out exactly what happened to his ear.

Cocktails with Van Gogh: Thursday, January 19th
University Club of Saint Paul, 420 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MNĀ  55102

5-9 p.m. Art Exhibition and Sale, 6:30Ā  p.m. Discussion

OCTOBER 20, 2016
Cocktails with Monet: An Artist Obsessed

From the late 1890s until his death in 1926, Claude Monet created more than 250 paintings of the water lily garden at his home in Giverny. Three decades of work culminated in the eight colossal panels he donated to the French Nation as a symbol for Peace after WWI. Learn the incredible story of one of the greatest masterpieces of Impressionism in an engaging presentation that will inform, inspire,and entertain.

Cocktails with Monet: Thursday, October 20th
University Club of Saint Paul, 420 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MNĀ  55102


MFA_CollectingArt_PhotoOnlyNOVEMBER 19, 2015
Collecting art for your home and life.

This unique event includes a conversation with Lisa Dickinson Michaux, Ph.D. on how to purchase art based on authenticity, quality, and fine taste. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro, this evening offers something for everyone. Learn, look, and fall in love with beautiful art and design.

Art Collecting 101: Thursday, November 19th
University Club of Saint Paul, 420 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MNĀ  55102